Curb Appeal

Cleaning out and sprucing up your yard are good low-cost alternatives to major home improvement. Whether you hire a professional or have the skills and tools to do it yourself, here are some tips to improve your lawn and landscape:


Weeding, edging, planting beds and mulching go a long way toward improving a yard’s look.


Planting colorful annuals in beds or pots around the house and patio, in hanging plant holders or in flower boxes makes a house look cared for and cozy.


To solve problems or add interest, plant new trees and shrubs to create focus areas, or to camouflage foundations and old fencing, or block unsightly views.


Have your trees and shrubs professionally pruned, fix brown spots in the lawn and remove and replace diseased plants.

Homeowners who want help with their yard should seek an evaluation by a professional lawn or landscape firm. A professional can assess the health of the lawn, plants, trees and shrubs and offer recommendations for improvements.